Simplified Check-In

Funnel automated Bidder and Consignment leads from your website

Keep Track of all Bidder and Consigner info

Create all Check-In docs with a click of a button to ensure a better customer experience

quick and easy auction management

Manage block activity in real time.

Cars on the block, current bids, what sold and to whom, what was the highest bid if it didn't sell, etc.

Your back office and "still for sale" desk will have the information they need in real time.

Automated Marketing

Market your vehicles on your site and classified sites with a click of a button, including exclusive access to

Custom Newsletter templates available, including automated "just consigned" alerts

Website Analytics Dashboard

simplified check-out

Easy customer reconciliation

Create and print checks for payouts

Create Check-out docs with a click of button to ensure a better customer experience

After auction reports to create a faster close out process


Plug into our Network of 200 Collector Car Dealers. Our Dealer Network will be able to consign their vehicles to your Auction with a click of a button

When our Dealers buy cars at your Auction, you can send all the vehicle details to their dealer software with a click of a button

A simplified and streamlined exchange motivates dealers to buy and sell with you

A Few of our Auction clients

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Why  collector car auctions use Auction Accelerate.

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